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An emergency medical technician races to the scene. He finds two cars that have been in a serious accident. A few passengers managed to get out of one car, but they are hurt. The other car has rolled up windows and the passengers are still inside. He gets into one of his pockets or a holster and reaches for his knife. He uses the handle at the end to break the window. When the glass shatters, he can know get inside. The blade opens, but the knife not capable of holding a sharp enough blade to remove the seat belt from the accident victim.

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If the paramedic in the fictional scenario above bought a rescue knife from instead of from a discount place, he could have bought the patient many valuable seconds that could have saved their life or prevented further injury. Similar scenarios are true for many other people who belong to a profession that rely on quality knives. If you want to save costs, you just have to give something up in return and that’s always quality.

Here at Airpot Comm, we have been hearing a lot more of these types of stories and we wanted to get out and share one ourselves. It’s important to everyone that we keep paying our tax dollars so that emergency services like this don’t need to cut costs. The more we push our governments to cut down on funding and put money back into our pockets, the more likely these situations will continue.

Someone who wishes to avoid being in a situation where a high-quality, well-honed blade can help them should order knives from the website mentioned above. It offers a wide selection of fixed and folding knives that fit almost any budget. Check out the video for a review and description of the Microtech knife lineup!

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